Daniel Matus

Principal Designer & CEO

The Founder of Desired Space, LLC.—is a designer whose keen eye and strong passion for design has propelled him and his firm to where they are today. Matus’ desire to work in design from a young age eventually lead him to creating Desired Space in 2009. He is currently the President and Principal Designer. With nearly a decade of experience, Matus has completed thousands of projects, many of which specialize in commercial, multi-family and residential design.

While Daniel is known for his open, transitional style and comfortable design concepts, he is also well known for his warm personality and desire to help people achieve their most desired space in a cost-effective manner.

Desired Space specializes in design development ranging from schematic design to project management, with myriad of design-related options in between. Daniel’s philosophy to working on projects is, “Get it done but have fun,’ which is evident due to his unwavering work ethic and outgoing personality. Part of Daniel’s process includes getting to know his clients and developing a feel for their “Desired Space,” before jumping into design. In regards to working with Daniel, one client wrote, “His warm, inviting personality augmented his wonderful eye for detail and color.”

Daniel’s extensive portfolio covers work on residential and commercial projects which includes Turnberry Towers, Summerlin, Anthem Country Club, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and even chain restaurants.